April Sound on Lake Conroe... a gated community on a thousand acres of rolling hills, tall pines, including April Sound Country Club a ClubCorp USA country club. There are 27 holes of golf, 12 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools, restaurants, homes, and good friends...all on the south shore of Lake Conroe.












Home History

Montgomery history:

Montgomery began as a trading post about a mile north of its present site. Colonists, which included Stephen F. Austin and Owen and Margaret Montgomery Shannon, settled here on a land grant and did trading with the local Indians. Lots were advertised for sale in 1837 for the newly formed town, which touted it as the new center for a new county. Montgomery was the county seat until only 1889 when it was moved to Conroe. The first school opened here in 1839. The city was incorporated in 1848. Many beautiful homes were built during the 1850's. Many are still used and occupied even today. By 1900 many business had come into town. The town prospered, but when the county seat was moved to Conroe, much business went with it. Today Montgomery has retained its small, hometown feel. It is a quiet place with a great deal of history. Home tours are held by the Montgomery Historical Society. The Society may be reached at P.O. Box 513, Montgomery TX 77356  The founding of Montgomery: 1837

The population of Montgomery is approximately 356 (1990).
The approximate number of families is 174 (1990).

The amount of land area in Montgomery is 10.793 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.145 sq kilometers.
The distance from Montgomery to Washington DC is 1237 miles. The distance to the Texas state capital is 123 miles. (as the crow flies)
Montgomery is positioned 30.39 degrees north of the equator and 95.69 degrees west of the prime meridian.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is only 15 miles away and is held every October.


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