April Sound on Lake Conroe... a gated community on a thousand acres of rolling hills, tall pines, including April Sound Country Club a ClubCorp USA country club. There are 27 holes of golf, 12 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools, restaurants, homes, and good friends...all on the south shore of Lake Conroe.













Chief Janice Murphy, Constable Don Chumley, Officer Michelle Torno 

One of April Sounds most important and desirable amenities is it's Security.  A fully staffed professional security department constantly monitors the entry and exit of the community.  It is operated like any police department with a Chief (Chief Murphy) Sergeants, etc. All of the officers are certified to carry arms. April Sound Security works closely with local law enforcement to help ensure the safety of the neighborhood.  Fully gated makes April Sound one of the safest communities in which to live on Lake Conroe.   24 hour around the clock  patrols make their rounds  in fully equipped modern police type cars. This  offers the highest degree of safety while they assist residents in any way they can.  Officers also may note any deed restriction violations for the Property Owners Association.  There is also a Property Value Assurance Coordinator who helps with compliance of deed restrictions. A strong  Architectural Control Committee consisting of three property owners helps maintain a harmonious look with new construction, remodels, and additions.


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